• Orange Ribbon in hand
    As with all types of cancer, awareness is the key to diagnosing kidney cancer and undergoing treatment when it is most effective. Because March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, we’re shining the spotlight on this particular disease.
  • Cancer Patient
    “Friends asked why I didn’t go to the big hospital instead. I trusted my doctor,” Dru said. And she’s glad she did. “When you’re going through cancer, you want people to be nice to you. They know you by name here. They are so supportive.” She added, “Dr. Perez is a very nice, polite doctor, and very educated.”
  • Woman talking to her doctor about colorectal health
    It can be embarrassing to talk about our bathroom habits with anyone, much less our physician. However, discussing what’s happening, or not happening, on the toilet and how things in the bowl look is a necessary step in managing our colon health.
  • Cancer risk
    The American Institute of Cancer Research estimates that approximately one-third of annual cancer cases in the United States could be prevented with lifestyle changes. One-third — that's nearly 400,000 cases of cancer that need never happen if we alter our eating and activity habits.
  • Gallbladder cancer
    February is Gallbladder and Bile Duct Awareness Month, so we are taking the opportunity to share some information about the disease.
  • Cancer patient
    Group activity or individual pursuit, painting or photography, poetry or music — artistic expression has the power to alleviate our stress from cancer treatment, make us feel part of a community, help us express how we feel and inspire hope, all while honoring our cancer journey.
  • Cancer Patient
    Last month, we shared information on ways to support a friend or family member who is battling cancer. In addition, Sierra Nevada Cancer Center patient Paula Steinmetz was kind enough to share her advice and experience. Now, patient Bill Wadding shares his thoughts on this very important subject.
  • Cancer Patient Support
    Last week, we shared five tips on how friends of cancer patients (or other serious diseases) can support their friend during battle and recovery.
  • The Best Revenge Is Living Well
    Linda Jenkins was no stranger to cancer—her husband had been undergoing treatment for lymphoma and she was his caregiver. But after a routine mammogram in 2010, she got news she was not prepared for. “I had felt a little lump underneath my arm so I told them about it. They immediately did a biopsy and within a day, they determined it was breast cancer,” Linda recalled.
  • Grilled Chicken With Salad
    Nutrition is a key part of fighting cancer and tolerating treatment. This can be challenging since treatment often causes the eating challenges in those cancer patients who must be well-nourished. Sierra Nevada Cancer Center has some dos, some don’ts and some nutrient-specific advice to help support patients in their cancer journey.