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3 Ways to Regain Your Independence During Cancer Recovery

  • 07.04.2016
cancer recovery

For cancer survivors and patients, recovering from treatment can be both difficult and extremely empowering. One of the most challenging parts of cancer recovery is learning to do things on your own again. In the spirit of the Fourth of July holiday, we’re breaking down ways to regain your independence after cancer treatment. Get ready to start anew, survivors. We’ve got some helpful tips for you today!

1. Communicate Your Needs

One of the best things you can do to regain your independence during your recovery is to clearly communicate your needs with those around you. Oftentimes, we’re surrounded by people who want so badly to help us during our time of need. While their intentions are good, this can be a bit suffocating.

When you’re feeling ready to get back on your feet and need some space to yourself, clearly communicate those needs to your support system. Let them know that the best way they can help you is to allow you some space as you work to regain your independence. Be direct and clear about your needs so your friends and family know how to honor them.

2. Get Some Fresh Air

Take some time to treat yourself to the great outdoors. There are so many beautiful hikes in Northern Nevada and tons of picturesque bike trails near the Reno area. Be sure to take note of how you’re currently feeling and what you’re up for. Maybe you’re ready for a short walk or bike ride, or maybe you’re feeling confident enough for an entire day outdoors. The length or difficulty of the activity isn’t what’s important—the purpose is to get outside and breathe in some fresh air on your own. You’ll end up feeling renewed, independent and confident.

3. Challenge Yourself

Oftentimes, to regain independence and build confidence during cancer recovery, we simply need to challenge ourselves. Are there any hobbies you want to take up? Courses you want to take? Come up with an activity that’s challenging—socially, physically or emotionally—and do your best to complete it on your own. This can be anything from aerial yoga to painting with wine to auditing a college course.

Cancer treatment takes so much out of us both physically and emotionally, and we end up forgetting how strong and capable we truly are. Remind yourself that you’re both of those things by taking on a challenge within reason.

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