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Cancer Care So Good, One Man Moved For It

  • 06.27.2017
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Lee Hyde, 65, is a patient of Dr. Perez for the second time. The first was for treatment of a blood disorder in 2011, for which he was successfully treated. After treatment, Lee and his wife Sharon moved to Elko, where they were living when Lee was diagnosed with melanoma in March of 2016. He initially consulted with a few other oncologists nearby before returning to Dr. Perez. Why not go straight to Dr. Perez, whom Lee knew, loved and respected? Merely the distance, according to Sharon.

“We were living in Elko at the time Lee was diagnosed,” she said. “We saw five doctors and weren’t happy with any of them.” Sharon added, “It was like going to a timeshare seminar. We didn’t want to go to someone who comes in for five minutes and doesn’t answer most of our questions.”

Lee and Sharon knew the expert care Dr. Perez delivers was worth moving for, so in June of 2016, they did the only logical thing: They moved to the Carson City area to be close to Sierra Nevada Cancer Center.


Getting Much Needed Support

The difference in the level of care between the other offices and Sierra Nevada Cancer Center was profound, according to Sharon. “Dr. Perez and the whole staff have been so kind and caring. My husband was upset about his therapy one day, and Dr. Perez took the time to sit and listen to him.”

And that compassion doesn’t end with the patient. It extends to caregivers and family members, too. “If I need to talk, Dr. Perez and his staff stop to talk to me. They make me feel better, too.”

Sharon also commented on Dr. Perez’s demeanor. “His soft-spoken nature allows time for patients to sift through their feelings, which at times are unbearable. Cancer is not for sissies by any means.”


Dr. Perez, Squarely In His Patients’ Corner

When Lee began treatment for melanoma at Sierra Nevada Cancer Center, he had several tumors in his brain and lungs, and had balance and memory issues. One year later, all but one tumor are gone, his balance has greatly improved, and he’s even able to drive again. “We say our progress is because we have Dr. Perez in our corner,” Sharon said.

More proof of Sierra Nevada Cancer Center’s dedication is the fact that the team is working with Lee and Sharon to get a specific kind of therapy drug approved through their insurance company. “They’ve been so supportive in working with us. Especially Monique. They’ve been giving us all the information we need to get the insurance company to understand why my husband needs this pill. Dr. Perez and his office staff have helped us all the way.”


A Heartfelt Referral

When asked if they would recommend Dr. Perez, Sharon said that they already have. “Where we live now, there’s a lady who was just diagnosed with cancer. We told her to go to Sierra Nevada Cancer Center.” She added, “We think Dr. Perez is awesome. He’s the one who saved my husband. We don’t think he’d be here if we didn’t have Dr. Perez.”


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