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Cancer Is NOT A Solo Journey

  • 08.18.2016
cancer support team

Many people who receive a cancer diagnosis report feeling very alone, especially at the beginning of their journey. While it’s a natural reaction, we at Sierra Nevada Cancer Center want to highlight the very large community of support in northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe, because with support comes strength.

 Support Beyond Friends, Family & SNCC 

Family, friends and your oncology team are among the key players on a cancer support team. However, there are lots of organizations and support groups throughout the communities we serve that help patients, families and caregivers in different ways. Because no two people deal with cancer exactly the same way, connecting with others can help change your perspective or attitude toward cancer in a very real and positive way.

In our region, the support groups and cancer organizations are as diverse as cancer patients. Likely, that means there’s a support group out there that will serve you well. Be sure to investigate or attend more than one group to start – they’re not one-size- or one-format-fits-all.

Here, we’ll break down just a few of the local options.

A Broad Perspective 

There are groups that bring together many different people fighting many types of cancer. The variety of topics, issues, stories and solutions will be varied and enlightening.

Cancer Support Meeting

Support Groups @ Carson Tahoe Health

Fallon Support Groups

South Lake Tahoe Cancer League

Ladies & Gentlemen 

Many support groups in the area are gender-based, as for many, sharing experiences with the same sex is more comfortable.

Women Against Cancer

Women’s Cancer Group

Look Good…Feel Better

Men’s Cancer Group

By Cancer Type 

Each type of cancer has its own idiosyncrasies. Treatments and responses to treatment can bring up specific challenges and solutions, making groups for certain types of cancer is a good option for some people.

Carson Prostate Cancer Support Group 

Coping Together With Breast Cancer

The Kangaroo Gang

Man To Man Prostate Cancer Support Group

ThyCa – Thyroid Cancer Support Group

Women’s Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Support Group

Caregiver Support Groups 

Anyone who knows someone with cancer is affected by cancer. There are support groups for those who love and support cancer patients, too.

Caregiver Support Group

GROW (Grief Recovery Outreach Workshop)

Other Support Options 

Group settings aren’t for everyone. Thankfully, support comes from many sources, including cancer-related organizations. They provide community-based outreach programs and/or a wealth of education, which can help patients feel more in control.

Finding The Right Support

No matter how cancer has touched your life, or how you choose to cope, our hope is that you do not go it alone. When searching for a good fit for you, there are some helpful questions to ask in advance of attending a group.

  • Where and when do you meet?
  • How big is the group typically?
  • Who runs the meetings?
  • Who attends?
  • What’s the format?
  • What’s the goal of the group? 

If you need further information or resources, please don’t hesitate to contact us. To get current cancer-related news delivered to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. And be sure to stay connected to Dr. Perez and Sierra Nevada Cancer Center on Facebook


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