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Goodbye Stage 4 Cancer, Hello Life.

  • 11.30.2015

stage 4 cancer patientRobert Leedom liked Dr. Perez from the very first time they met in 2007—even though it was the very same meeting that Dr. Perez gave him a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. “We first met about a month after my colon resection surgery. He was very positive and also straightforward, which I love,” the 63 year old recalled. “He had the caliber of education and experience I was looking for, so I had complete faith in him.”

Robert was eager to begin addressing his cancer. “After Dr. Perez described the chemotherapy treatment plan, I asked if I could start the next day. They said it was a little too soon,” Robert chuckled. One week later, he did start treatment. “I had no preconceived notions about chemo,” Robert said. “Whatever Dr. Perez prescribed was what we were going to do.”

Robert’s first chemo treatment went well, though he admitted he did not follow the post-treatment directions to the letter. “I got a little sick. I didn’t take the recommended amount of nausea medicine afterwards. Dr. Perez and his staff explained that I had to get in tune with my body and stay ahead of the sickness. After that, I didn’t have any nausea,” Robert said.

He also underwent a liver resection surgery in 2008 over the Christmas holiday. “The best gift was removing the last traces of cancer.” Since then, Robert has been cancer free. “I now get checked on an annual basis in November. A couple weeks before the blood draw, I get a little nervous, but they keep telling me, ‘No evidence of disease.’”

Though completely pain free, Robert does have neuropathy in his hands and feet, a side effect from the chemotherapy. However, he takes in in stride. “It’s just a reminder of what I went through.”

As for the reason Robert believes he beat stage 4 cancer, he said, “I attribute it to a positive attitude and more things in this world that I’m destined to accomplish.” He added, “Dr. Perez and his staff are positive, too. Put your faith and trust in Dr. Perez. He’s a great man.”


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