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Mindent Resident: Chemotherapy from Dr. Perez, SNCC "Prolonged My Life"

  • 05.06.2015

Chemotherapy cancer patient

Minden resident Sonya DeHart leads a full life. She is the mother of two sons, three grandchildren and two dogs, and she has been married for more than six decades.

That’s right, DeHart and her husband have accomplished something very few do: a 61-year marriage. They enjoy classic cars and are part of two car clubs in Carson Valley.

But this full life was in jeopardy in June of 2011, when DeHart began to notice an abnormal uterine bleeding that started off as a light pink spotting. She then decided to consult her gynecologist, where she then underwent a pap smear test that came out perfectly normal.

Fortunately, her gynecologist was not satisfied with the pap results and recommended a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure, which later confirmed that she had Stage III ovarian cancer. DeHart underwent a hysterectomy, and after surgery, was referred to Sierra Nevada Cancer Center (SNCC) for chemotherapy treatment.

At SNCC, DeHart is a patient of Dr. Jorge Perez, whom may now be another object of DeHart’s affection.

“I have fallen in love with Dr. Perez,” she laughed. “He is just the sweetest guy. I am just so blessed to have such a wonderful doctor.”

And she credits him and his team for her current life.

“I have been with Dr. Perez and his team for four years, and thanks to them, I am now in remission,” said DeHart.

At SNCC, DeHart has undergone 60 chemotherapy treatments under Dr. Perez’ supervision.

“Sierra Nevada Cancer Center has extended my life by four years; I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Dr. Perez and his chemotherapy treatments,” she said. “They have taken exceptional care of me.”

DeHart notes that while undergoing treatments at SNCC, she has continually felt supported and assured that she is receiving great care and attention from Dr. Perez and his staff. 

“I have had such wonderful care with Dr. Perez and his girls,” she continued, calling it a “smiling place” with a caring atmosphere. “Everybody is just so loving and warm; you just feel great when you walk in there.”

Now that DeHart is in remission from her ovarian cancer, she is continuing to enjoy her family and husband. She is able to see and experience her grandchildren grow and develop into impressive adults. DeHart added that she is very proud of her grandchildren: one granddaughter who is a trained sniper and fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, and her two grandsons, whom she affectionately calls “computer geeks.”

“I am blessed to have had Dr. Perez as my doctor,” she said. “He has taken great care of me and has prolonged my life — which has allowed me to enjoy my family for a longer time — and I am forever grateful for that.”


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