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Rural Nevada resident delighted with her exceptional cancer care

  • 05.07.2018


Marilyn Knipe was tired. All the time. While the 89-year old expected to be slowing down a bit at her age, she knew sleeping most of the day, and night, was just not normal for her.

She went to her doctor with her complaint. When he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, he referred her to another physician, then another, until she had seen a total of 10 doctors. It was her cardiologist who, on a hunch, suggested she may have lymphoma.


With that potential diagnosis, Marilyn knew just who to see, her former oncologist Dr. Jorge Perez at Sierra Nevada Cancer Center. More than 20 years ago, Marilyn had been diagnosed with breast cancer and Dr. Perez helped her beat it.


“I actually thought it was kind of funny how all these doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me,” Marilyn recounted. “But no one was willing to give up, they just kept looking.”


Dr. Perez confirmed the diagnosis and started Marilyn on chemotherapy treatment this past January at Sierra Nevada Cancer Center’s Fallon office. The Winnemucca resident was incredibly grateful for the convenient drive. While traveling to the main Carson City office from Winnemucca takes three hours, Marilyn can get to her treatment in Fallon in half that time.


“Dr. Perez comes out [to Fallon] every two weeks. All of us who live out here appreciate the convenience so much,” Marilyn explains. “I have been so pleased with Dr. Perez. He is such a fine man.”


Marilyn has just one month of chemotherapy treatments left. She has regained much of her energy and is feeling much more like herself. She is very grateful for the care she has received from Dr. Perez and Sierra Nevada Cancer Center.


“It’s such a delight to have someone who will take the time to come all the way out here. I’m really pleased.”


If you’ve been diagnosed with lymphoma, or any other form of cancer, get the skilled, compassionate care you need. Contact Sierra Nevada Cancer Center at 775.883.3336 to schedule an appointment or visit our online request form.

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