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When a 2nd opinion offers a 2nd chance at health

  • 05.24.2018

When Carrie Dryer was diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), she was grateful to finally have a “cause” for the extremely painful bruising on her legs, excessive monthly bleeding and high blood pressure. But after six months of ineffective treatments, she was frustrated, still in pain and still struggling with a low platelet count. It was then that her primary care physician recommended getting a second opinion from Dr. Jorge Perez.


Her husband Cary (same name, different spelling) recounts their first visit with Dr. Perez and the reassurance he was able to provide. “Dr. Perez spent almost two hours with my wife and me, reviewing her whole case from the beginning. Time didn’t seem to matter to him at all, even if it did, he didn’t show it. He answered all our questions and gave us several different treatment and procedure options to check things that should have been double-checked before.”


The Dryers are grateful to have a path forward to a sound diagnosis and effective treatment. First, Dr. Perez will rule out leukemia with a bone marrow biopsy. Because Dr. Perez is both a fellowship-trained oncologist and hematologist, he has broad knowledge with which to diagnose Carrie’s blood disorder. Once he has confirmed her diagnosis, he has an arsenal of appropriate treatment options he can call on to treat her effectively.


Cary is a big fan of his wife’s new doctor. “It was only our first visit with him, but we feel really comfortable with our plan. I STRONGLY recommend him!”


Whether you’re struggling to get an accurate diagnosis or to find an effective treatment for a health condition, a second opinion can be indispensable. Insist on the care you need and deserve. For cancer and blood disorders, consider a second opinion with Dr. Jorge Perez MD, PhD, MRCP, MRCPath.


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