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Why Do We Have Cancer Awareness Months?

  • 10.07.2016
Breast cancer awareness

As each month of the year brings another cancer awareness event—October being one of the biggest with Breast Cancer Awareness—it begs the question: Why? What is the point of reminding everyone that people are getting ill and often dying of cancer?

The point is: We won’t find a cure unless we keep cancer and its devastation top-of-mind.

Research into treatments and a cure take time and money—lots of it. If we, as a society, want to keep generating the necessary money and interest to keep the public engaged with the cancer fight, we need to keep reminding people, who may not be directly impacted, that cancer is still a battle worth waging.

The good news is; we are making headway in many areas of cancers research. Here are a few headlines from just this week:

October marks one of the most successful cancer awareness campaigns of all time – Breast Cancer Awareness. Anchored by the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure events, and buying pink everything—from hoodies to wind chimes—Breast Cancer Awareness month strives to increase awareness of the disease, educate women and men about breast health and to raise funds for research, early detection and care for those battling the disease.

So while the constant marketing blitz encouraging us to run a race or buy a pink power drill or dine at a restaurant may get tedious, you don’t need to look far to find reasons why it’s worth it. Sierra Nevada Cancer Center need only look to breast cancer survivors in our own clinic like Denise Wilson to encourage us to keep up the fight to find a cure and the most effective treatments for breast cancer and all cancers.

If you or someone you love is facing a breast cancer diagnosis, make sure you are educated about the available treatment options and available support. Dr. Jorge Perez and the team at Sierra Nevada Cancer Center are here to help you navigate these challenges. Call 775-883-3336 for an appointment.


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